Siemens invests in cyber-security company

Siemens is to invest in a cyber-security start-up called CyActive which can offer protection to power plants.

Launched last year, CyActive claims it is the first company to forecast and detect future cyber-attacks.

The company states that it “applies bio-inspired algorithms combined with a deep understanding of the hackers’ process to predict the ways in which hackers will modify malware to evade existing security measures”.

The backing of CyActive marks the first investment of Siemens’ Industry of the Future Fund in Israel.

Ralf Schnell, chief executive of the venture capital unit said: “CyActive’s technology is extremely sophisticated yet lightweight, an imperative for many of our customers. We see broad potential across major industries and are particularly excited by its approach to securing industrial and utilities assets.

Rajiv Sivaraman, global head of Siemens Plant Security Services, added: “CyActive offers the opportunity to change the model of industrial control systems security from a reactive model to a proactive model. This achievement addresses the long life cycles within ICS for critical legacy devices.”

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