Second carbon-negative biomass CHP plant goes live

ZeroPoint Clean Tech Incorporated’s second biomass gasification power plant is now producing carbon-negative heat and power in Newry, Ireland. Its first site, in Germany, became operational at the start of the year.

ZeroPoint’s carbon-negative process utilizes biomass to create renewable gas. At the new Irish site, the gas is then combusted in a gas engine to produce power for the local utility grid, as well as useable heat.

The proprietary biomass gasification process also produces a co-product called biochar, which is a highly stable form of sequestered carbon with multiple uses in agriculture and industry.

ZeroPoint is also working to commercialise a patent pending process to upgrade sewage sludge and other low-grade materials for improved gasification and combustion.

John Gaus, ZeroPoint’s CEO, said: “We believe that we are currently producing the most stable, steady-state and clean gas chemistry from biomass gasification in the world. We fully expect this second project to achieve operational robustness, reliability and commercial profitability.”

ZeroPoint is currently working with a number of strategic relationships to assemble and deploy similar projects across North America and Europe.

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