All news, projects, and legislation concerning prosumers and their role in the power generation sector, specifically how the generation and use of electricity can impact the grid, tariffs, as well as supply and demand strategies in light of growing use of renewables and energy storage technologies by prosumers.

Consumer-centric energy policy could slash decarbonization costs, says report

A new report concludes that energy policy is too often not designed for the end user and the result “is a patchwork of overlapping, poorly coordinated and confusing policy choices”.

EON goes ‘on the offensive’ in broadband market

Energy giant E.ON says it is “going on the offensive in the broadband market” by investing $148m in a rollout in Germany.

2019 energy predictions by top industry influencers

Some of the most influential players in the European energy sector have revealed their predictions for what will happen in the energy sector in 2019.

SSE scraps merger with npower

Energy firm SSE has scrapped plans to merge with fellow UK utility npower.

Scientists say blockchain ‘delivering on energy promises’

One of the first unbiased, major comprehensive reviews of blockchain has concluded that the technology is “actually delivering on its promises in a number of areas directly related to energy”.

UK start-up Social Energy blends storage with solar and AI

A new energy company for consumers with solar panels has launched in the UK with a pledge to “transform the energy industry by turning it on its head” and cut bills by up to 70 per cent.

Op-ed: POWER-GEN at 30 strives for Simply Irresistible

How does one describe the pace of change within the electric power generation mix now from three short decades ago?

National Audit Office slams UK smart meter rollout

The UK government’s smart meter programme has been derailed by rising costs and slipped timescales, according to a damning report by the National Audit Office.

Shared data will ‘change the energy market’ says blockchain expert JoJo...

The digitalization of the electricity sector marks the second energy revolution, according to Joanna Hubbard of blockchain company Electron.

‘The grid has to become more intelligent’ says Siemens boss

The radical change in the European energy sector in recent years is simply the beginning of a sustained transformation, a Siemens boss said today.

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