All news, projects, and legislation concerning prosumers and their role in the power generation sector, specifically how the generation and use of electricity can impact the grid, tariffs, as well as supply and demand strategies in light of growing use of renewables and energy storage technologies by prosumers.

EON puts customer in control of energy data with blockchain prototype

E.ON has developed a blockchain technology that says will allow its customers to have transparency and complete control over their own energy data.

Crowdfunding for renewables in the energy transition

Crowdfunding can be a highly effective way to bring the public closer to the energy transition. 

Lightbulb moment: how energy price cap highlights customer experience failings

What are the core issues that the utility industry must address to improve customer experience for good?

Feature: Why smooth integration of DER is key for decarbonization

The decarbonization of the energy sector was once a distant aspiration. However, recent developments in the power industry have set us on course towards decarbonization before the mid-century, and this aspiration is now considered a reasonable (albeit ambitious) goal.

Utility chiefs debate their future business models

Traditional utilities cannot compete with the likes of Amazon and Google and therefore must differentiate themselves and build on the trusted relationship they have with consumers lights on.

European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe: One unified event for the...

When European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe open their doors in Paris later this year, it will mark the beginning of an end-to-end energy event – the like of which Europe has never seen before.

Siemens launches home energy storage battery

With the Junelight Smart Battery, Siemens is offering its first battery storage specially geared to the requirements in private homes for the storage and use of self-generated energy.

Why the energy transition will fail without the consumer on board

The role of people in the energy transition was at the heart of the agenda of a meeting this week of the EU’s European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

EON unveils electric vehicle collaboration with ALD Automotive

German energy giant E.ON has launched an electric vehicle strategic partnership with French vehicle leasing company ALD Automotive.

Utility bosses expect sharp rise in consumers going off-grid

Utility bosses believe that the risk of electricity consumers going off-grid and using it only as occasional backup will increase significantly in the next two years.

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