PowerStream, Ontraio’s second largest municipally-owned distribution company, and Trilliant, a smart grid communications supplier, have announced the renewal of their strategic partnership.

Trilliant has been selected by PowerStream to provide Unit Smart Meter System and Services for residential, commercial and industrial use. Unit Smart metering involves measuring the energy use of individual suites in multi-occupant buildings.

Trilliant will provide PowerStream with engineering design services, project management, installation, commissioning and data management services. Trilliant is working with Quadlogic Corporation as a technology partner.

Edward Chatten, PowerStream’s senior vice president for smart grid and strategic support, said: “In part, PowerStream’s growth and success over the past four years has been because of our efforts associated with smart metering and intelligent energy deployment.

“Trilliant has played a strategic and technological role in helping PowerStream deploy our smart meter solutions. By extending our relationship with Trilliant, we expect to continue to provide our customers with cost-effective and environmentally responsible means for managing electricity services.”

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