PJM endorses $420 million in transmission projects

PJM Interconnection LLC endorsed more than $420 million of transmission projects, bringing to $720 million the amount of new facilities the mid-Atlantic grid operator has approved for construction in the past 2 years.

The two phases of the plan, approved to date, will accommodate more than 27,500 Mw of new generating capacity in the PJM region, the board said. PJM chief executive Phillip Harris said the transmission additions will serve growth in the region for the next 10 years, insuring bulk power reliability.

PJM’s board approved the first regional transmission plan in August 2000. As a result of that plan, about $300 million of transmission facility additions and reinforcements are currently in design or construction. The facilities will accommodate the interconnection of more than 15,000 Mw of new generating capacity to the PJM region.

The second and updated plan includes transmission upgrades to ensure the continuing compliance of the PJM system with regional reliability criteria and to accommodate the interconnection of 43 generation projects, amounting to more than 12,500 Mw of new generating capacity, Harris said.

Each project developer is be responsible for obtaining financing the project it has proposed, said a PJM spokeswoman. She added PJM estimates the cost of a project as part of its feasibility analysis.

PJM operates one of the largest electricity grids in the nation — a region that includes all or parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey Delaware, Maryland, Virgina, and Washington, DC.

PJM assesses regional transmission needs coordinating them to create uniform, comprehensive strategy based on input from transmission owners, generation developers, market participants, and representatives from state regulatory bodies.

In April, the grid operator conducted a load flow analysis of the PJM system, identifying 13 areas which needed reinforcement between now and 2005.

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