AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 19, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE)—Pavilion Technologies Inc. today announced that it has reached a strategic licensing agreement with global energy company Alstom Power — Customer Services, China, granting them the ability to sell Pavilion’s Power Perfecter® optimization technology on coal-fired power plants in China.

Pavilion’s solution allows power generation customers to optimize production by helping them to simultaneously improve efficiency, minimize cost, and reduce environmental impact.

“We have evaluated our options, and we believe Pavilion’s technology will deliver the best results for our customers — the power generators,” said Bob Henderson, country general manager, Alstom Power — China. “It is our goal to provide our customers with a full service solution that helps them to maximize their return on their assets, improve power production, increase profitability, and minimize environmental impact. The Pavilion-Alstom Power affiliation will deliver the best solution.”

The three-year alliance grants Alstom Power the rights to deliver an optimization solution to the growing coal-fired power generation market in China. As part of the agreement, Alstom Power will install Power Perfecter® into a power generation base of 225 coal-fired power generation facilities.

“Our alliance with Alstom Power allows us to deliver a proven combustion optimization solution to the Chinese energy generation market,” said Pete Perialas, president and CEO of Pavilion Technologies Inc. “The global power equipment market is expected to double in the next twenty-five years. With Alstom Power, Pavilion will help power generators to increase performance and profitability while preserving the environment.”

Pavilion’s energy generation solution is based on Pavilion’s patented, dynamic control software known as Power Perfecter®. The software allows power plants to optimize processes by automatically learning from historical data, simulating the best course of action, and automatically adjusting the boiler for optimal performance. By optimizing boilers with Power Perfecter, power plants are able to minimize heat rate 1-2% and simultaneously reduce NOx emissions by 15%. Pavilion’s team of energy experts has helped the world’s leading energy customers to improve their performance and realize significant value.

About Alstom
Alstom is the global specialist in energy and transport infrastructure. The Company serves the energy market through its activities in the fields of power generation, power transmission and distribution, power conversion and electrical contracting and the transport market through its activities in rail and marine. Following the full integration of the power generation activities, ALSTOM today has annual sales in excess of 20 billion euros and employs approximately 140,000 people in over 70 countries.

About Pavilion
Pavilion Technologies Inc. is a software solutions company, helping companies to optimize complex business processes throughout the enterprise. Established in 1991, the privately held corporation has offices in the U.S., Japan, New Zealand, and Belgium and has successfully implemented over 1,700 solutions worldwide. Pavilion’s engineering and consulting expertise coupled with its patented, cutting edge technology provide turnkey solutions that enable Pavilion customers to yield multi-million dollar bottom-line benefits. For more information