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Pakistan power industry expects $300m World Bank boost

The Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda), is expecting to receive a fresh loan of $300m from the World Bank according to Asia Pulse. The power sector programme loan will be used to further the process of deregulation and to strengthen the authority’s 12 corporate entities.

The World Bank has been considering a report submitted to it and to the Pakistan government by Wapda since March 2001, and will provide the loan either through the Restructuring and Reform programme or Structural Adjustment Credit. The intention is to enable the country’s electricity transmission companies to develop commercially viable operations and to reduce central government control of the sector. It is hoped that this will lead to a stabilization of pricing and a consequential benefit to industry, agriculture and the economy generally.

Projects requiring priority funding include the Ghazi Barotha Hydro Project power dispersal – 500 kV substation and transmission, National Power Control Centre, and provision of electric power distribution equipment, meters and capacitors.