PA Consulting Group announces critical praise of FERC market design proposal

PA Consulting Group said FERC’s NOPR on Standard Market Design will ‘will fundamentally change the U.S. electricity industry.’

A complete response and PA analysis of recently’s NOPR can be viewed and downloaded at .

Joe Graves, a member of the management group of PA Consulting Group, summarized PA’s response noting that, “today’s NOPR will fundamentally change the U.S. electricity industry. We congratulate the FERC on taking this bold and critical step.”

Graves, representing PA, went on to make the following statement:

“Our experience is that restructuring the electric industry has proven to be a success in many countries and we hope that this success can be replicated across the U.S. The FERC is urging the industry forward through a difficult transition, with all deliberate speed consistent with its authority and responsibilities.

“The proposed rule would take steps to eliminate current opportunities for market manipulation and discrimination by establishing standard rules for the operation of transmission and the spot markets for energy and ancillary services that enable the reliable and economically efficient operation of the transmission system. In these turbulent financial times, especially for the energy sector, the FERC is taking a significant step to nurture confidence in the short run while establishing a sound and stable regulatory and commercial platform to support needed investment in infrastructure and assure that the nation’s future electricity needs will be met reliably and economically.

“Importantly, the proposed rule has been influenced by consultation with regulators and other government officials from the states and, following the lead of the National Governors’ Association (NGA), proposes a new era of state-federal cooperation in the oversight and regulation of the electric power sector. The proposed rule relies heavily on Regional State Advisory Committees, a form of the Multi-State Entities endorsed recently by the NGA.

“As with any significant NOPR from the FERC, the important public comment period before the issuance of a final rule has just begun. Implementation lies ahead with many issues to be considered and decided along the way. Today’s NOPR has significantly advanced progress towards a sound, stable and efficient electricity sector.”

Direct access to PA’s complete response to the NOPR can be viewed and downloaded at . For more information about PA Consulting Group, please contact Joshua Lamont ( ) at 212-973-5964, Susan Mayer ( ) at 202-442-2650, or visit .

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