A new overhead power cable developed in Europe is making its debut in Brazil.

The Lo-Sag conductor is the result of five years of development by French cable company Nexans.

It has now been deployed on a 138 kV transmission line between Cascadura and São Jose operated by Rio de Janeiro’s electric utility, Light.Nexans’ carbon conductor

Nexans says the cable is ideal for Brazil’s dense urban areas, where the construction of new overhead lines is severely restricted and needs controlled clearance to buildings or natural obstacles.
The Lo-Sag consists of a thermal resistant aluminium conductor wrapped around a composite carbon core.

Nexans claims that compared with a traditional steel-cored aluminium conductor, the composite carbon core is much lighter and 50 per cent stronger.

It is called Lo-Sag because the carbon core’s thermal expansion is roughly one tenth of that of steel, so it expands – or sags – much less when heated by the high current flowing in the conductor.

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