Turkey seeking power projects

To meet Turkey’s projected 6-8 per cent future increase in electricity demand, the Turkish government is planning to install smart grid projects and partner that with 30 per cent clean generation capacity by 2023.

Michael Lally, commercial counsellor from the US Embassy in Turkey, said: “Turkey remains largely dependent on imported gas. The country’s only significant source of domestic power is lignite coal, which is increasingly rejected due to environmental concerns.”

Lally said Turkey’s greatest challenge is that most demand is in the west of the country, while generation is largely in the southeast. The proposed high percentage of renewable generation sources will require sophisticated demand side management to ensure reliability.

Turkey envisions a national smart grid that will efficiently incorporate renewable energy to meet growing demand. Turkey’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) is already enforcing laws governing the country’s 21 distribution companies that will make a national grid possible.

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