Almost three quarters of energy security professionals say Smart Grid cybersecurity is not up to speed with the rate of deployment.

Infosecurity reports the stat from a survey by EnergySec and nCircle.

72 per cent of energy security professionals believe Smart Grid cybersecurity standards are not adequate, and 61 per cent believe that smart meters do not have sufficient security controls to protect against false data injection, according to a survey of 104 security professionals conducted in March.

False data injection attacks exploit the configuration of power grids by introducing arbitrary errors into state variables while bypassing existing techniques for bad measurement detection.

“A false data injection attack is an example of technology advancing faster than security controls”, said Elizabeth Ireland, vice president of marketing for nCircle. “This is a problem that has been endemic in the evolution of security and it’s a key reason for the significant cybersecurity risks we face across many facets of critical infrastructure.

Installing technology without sufficient security controls presents serious risks to our power infrastructure and to every power user in the US”, she added.

The survey also found that a majority of security professionals believe that privacy concerns around smart metering are overblown.

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