Meter data management market set to hit $490m by 2018

Revenues from the global meter data management (MDM) market are predicted to increase ten-fold to $490m by 2018.

MDM systems accept data from utility meters, validate that data and make it available in many applications.à‚ Traditionally used to create automatic billing information, the MDM sector is being transformed by the growth in Smart Grid technology.

And it is the deployment of Smart Grids that a new report claims will drive the MDM market to unprecedented growth.

By 2018 US analysts at Pike Research anticipate that 98 per cent of all Smart Meters in North America will be covered by an MDM system, while in Western Europe and East Asia the percentage will be 80 per cent.

Pike senior analyst Bob Lockhart said: “MDM systems will create a system of record that enables many departments of a utility to function more efficiently than ever before. Utilities expect MDM to enable more efficient grid operations, and vendors with experience in operations or customer care are increasingly entering the market.”

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