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Lack of awareness harming Smart Grid

Despite utilities having invested billions of dollars in new Smart Grid program rollouts, customer adoption has been slow.

A new Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) US survey and report titled Listening to the Heartland: Insights into a Customer-Centric Strategy for the Smart Grid found that most (58 per cent) customers have not even heard of smart grid technology and those who have feel that they have very limited knowledge of the opportunities that the smart grid offers.

The report, which summarizes key findings from a survey of 900 utility customers in the US Midwest as well as follow up focus groups, explores how customers use energy, how Smart Grid technology will affect their everyday lives and how much they expect to embrace products and services related to the Smart Grid in the next few years.

The report details PwC’s recommended strategies to successfully promote customer adoption of smart grid solutions, according to T&D World.

Included within the report are recommendations on how to help generate interest, such as utilities becoming more effective marketers, emphasising and clearly communicating to customers how Smart Grid technology can allow them to take greater control of their energy usage and providing new opportunities for the customer and the utility to develop a partnership for their mutual benefit.

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