Alcatel-Lucent of France and China’s State Grid Information and Telecommunication Company (SGIT) have agreed to partner to “increase the intelligence in utilities’ smart grids.”

They plan to find methods to access the data used to track energy usage from the numerous devices, including smart meters; analyse that data; and deliver that information to the utility.

Kamal Ballout, vice president of Alcatel-Lucent’s global energy systems integration division, said: “With power consumption rising across the globe, reducing carbon footprint and costs are a priority for everyone.

“In combining SGIT’s expertise in the development of smart grid information and power line technology, and Alcatel-Lucent’s experience in building large-scale, intelligent communications networks, we are in a stronger position to understand and address the fast growing energy demands in the Chinese markets, while helping all of our customers around the globe operate more sustainably.”

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