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MAN Diesel wins German gas engine plant deal

MAN Diesel & Turbo is build a 30 MW gas-engine combined heat and power plant for German energy company EnBW Energie Baden-Wàƒ¼rttemberg.

The plant at Stuttgart-Gaisburg will be powered by three MAN 20V35/44G gas engines and as well as its electrical output it will also provide up to 30 MW of district heating.

EnBW Energie Baden-Wàƒ¼rttemberg is carrying out a comprehensive modernisation of the Stuttgart-Gaisburg site. Alongside the CHP plant, it will be building a heat storage facility and a boiler system with a thermal output of up to 210 MW to enable peak and reserve shaving.

All of the new installations will be operational by the end of 2018. Meanwhile, an existing coal plant at the site is to be decommissioned.

Diana van den Bergh, Project Manager at EnBW, said that the new CHP plant “is an important contribution to the urban energy transition”.

MAN Diesel vice-president Tilman Tàƒ¼tken said: “With the new German CHP Act passing into law, there is finally legal certainty again for power plant investors in Germany. The development of CHP is vital not just for the energy transition but also for Germany’s climate protection goals.”

He added that “large-scale gas engine power plants are a relatively new technology for the German market but one that has significant benefits for operators, especially in energy systems handling large quantities of fluctuating renewable energy”.