The UK government could miss its target to roll out smart meters in 30 million homes and businesses because of a lack of investment in training engineers.

That’s the warning issued today from ECTA Training, a trade skills course provider.‘Lack of engineers puts UK smart meter rollout at risk’

The British government wants every home to have a smart meter by 2020, however ECTA states that there is still a significant shortfall in the number of qualified engineers required to hit this target.

ECTA estimates that up to 6500 new smart meter engineers are still required to help meet the requirements.

ECTA Training director Dave Berry said: “The delivery of the smart meter rollout has called for the creation of a new breed of meter engineer, someone who can combine the practical ability of meter removal, installation and testing with the customer service skills that industry regulator Ofgem has placed at the centre of the project.

 “While this provides opportunities for tradespeople to skill-up in this area, we also need to encourage new entrants to consider this career path in order to meet the demand.