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KFX power plant technology a success in Poland

DENVER, Colo., Dec. 18, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE)à‚–Pegasus Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of KFx Inc. (AMEX: KFx), announced today that its NeuSIGHT technology to optimize fuel combustion in coal-burning power plants has exceeded its guarantee of improved heat-rate levels by 25+% in its first installation at the Jaworzno Power Plant in Poland.

As a result of that success, ABB Centrum Automatyki Ltd., Wroclaw, Poland, re-seller and installer of Pegasus products in Poland, will proceed with installations at five more units. Pegasus and ABB Centrum Automatyki also are negotiating further arrangements for the approximately 15 Polish coal-fired power stations that do business with ABB Centrum Automatyki.

“We are pleased with the results of using the NeuSIGHT optimization product at Jaworzno and look forward to expanding our markets together with Pegasus,” said Wojciech Kowal of ABB Centrum Automatyki.

NeuSIGHT optimizes fuel combustion in coal-burning plants. It is based upon neural-network technology from Computer Associates that “learns” how to generate the most heat from the least amount of fuel and burn it most cleanly.

The software monitors and measures up to 500 input variables, models current operations and makes the adjustments necessary to achieve an ideal balance between efficiency and performance. NeuSIGHT not only improves the heat rate, it has a significant impact on reducing nitrous oxide.

“We are delighted by the success of this three-month test at Jaworzno and look forward to our continued collaboration with ABB Centrum,” said Pegasus CEO Gary Nicholson. “Optimized fuel consumption for power stations permits both increased efficiency and environmental benefits. We are seeing major economic benefits for our customers à‚– and their customers. We are very impressed by the level of engineering from ABB Centrum and are very pleased to have them as our partner in Poland. Together we will be delivering world-class technology and combustion-optimization solutions.”

Pegasus recently signed a licensing agreement with BITCO Enterprises, Inc., Ashburn, VA, for the exclusive use of the NeuSIGHT technology in China. NeuSIGHT is expected to increase China’s energy efficiency and improve its air pollution at the same time.

About KFx and Pegasus
KFx Inc., Denver, CO, is an environmental energy company that develops and delivers air-pollution solutions to the electric power generation industry to facilitate compliance with the Clean Air Act and other air emission standards.

KFx acquired control of Pegasus Technologies, Inc., in 1998 to complement its K-Fuel௿½ technology, a revolutionary clean-coal invention that uses heat and pressure to convert high moisture, low energy coal into a high energy, low moisture, clean fuel product. It minimizes emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and mercury at a cost per ton that is cheaper than high quality Eastern coal.

Pegasus Technologies manufactures neural network applications to optimize utility boiler operations resulting in a reduction in harmful emissions, reduced power generation costs, and increased efficiency for the power generation industry. For more information, visit www.pegasustec.com and www.kfx.com.

About ABB Centrum
ABB Centrum Automatyki is one of 12 companies that make up ABB Poland, a technology and engineering group serving customers in energy, industry and transportation sectors for 80 years. Its parent company, ABB Group (www.abb.com), Zurich, Switzerland, serves customers in power transmission and distribution; automation; oil, gas, and petrochemicals; building technologies; and in financial services.