Ireland’s power grid to run Alstom’s e-terra software

17 April 2002 – Alstom has signed a contract with ESB National Grid, Ireland’s transmission system operator, to provide a full replacement for its existing Energy Management System (EMS). The project represents the first Alstom EMS to be deployed in Europe that will utilise a full Microsoft à‚® Windows à‚® 2000 solution.

In addition to managing the transmission system, ESB National Grid is responsible for the operation of Ireland’s power market, which is being de-regulated in accordance with European Union liberalisation directives. The new Alstom system is designed to facilitate the integration of existing and developing power market requirements.

ESB National Grid’s new system will include:

* A National Control Centre (NCC), which is responsible for all normal Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and EMS functions;
* an Emergency Control Centre (ECC), which is an exact replica of the NCC and takes over all SCADA/EMS functions in the event of any serious disruption to the NCC operation;
* and a Dispatcher Training Simulator (DTS), which is separate from, but connected to, the NCC and facilitates dispatcher training activities.

Alstom’s e-terra( global energy solutions, developed by the Energy Management and Markets Business of Alstom’s Transmission and Distribution Sector, cover every aspect of business in the deregulated energy marketplace. The new system for ESB National Grid will be based on the core e-terraplatform( set of standard software applications that form the foundation for generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy.

Albert Donohoe, ESB National Grid’s Project Manager said, “We chose Alstom because its technical solution incorporates a comprehensive suite of software on a familiar Windows/Intel architecture, the combination of which will help ensure that our project implementation and on-going maintenance costs are minimised.”

Philippe Joubert, President of Alstom’s Transmission & Distribution Sector, said: “ESB National Grid is making great strides with this important project by using platform but proven technology to fulfil the industry’s evolving needs.” He added: “Alstom is committed to bringing proven Energy IT solutions to the European market as deregulation becomes a reality.”

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