IBM to develop smart grid test bed in South Korea

IBM will collaborate with Korea Electric Power Company (Kepco) on building the Total Operations Centre at the Jeju Smart Grid Test-Bed Demonstration Complex.

The centre will enable the 160 companies and 11 consortia members of the Global Intelligent Utility Network Coalition (GIUNC) operating at the Jeju Complex to collect and manage information, and to monitor and exchange data on smart grid systems, said IBM.

The Total Operations Centre is an addition to Korea’s Jeju Smart Grid Test-Bed project. As part of the project development, Kepco has leveraged theà‚ International Electrotechnical Commissionà‚ (IEC) Common Infrastructure Model (CIM), which can be used by energy and utility companies during smart grid transformations.

“This collaboration with IBM allows Kepco to create a model based on international standards, such as CIM, that can be used to infuse intelligence into any smart grid infrastructure,” said Park Jong-man, deputy general manager at the integrated control centre of Kepco’s Jeju Demonstration Complex.

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