ADELAIDE, Australia, March 1, 2001 (PRNewswire) — Henwood Energy Services, Inc. (Henwood) announced the completion of the world’s first Indian Power Market database made possible by an information-mining partnership with the Indian Power Authorities.

The database incorporates all of India’s states and territories and includes an approximate installed capacity of 90,000MW. Specific components detailing generating operating characteristics include heat rates, operating costs, fuel costs, stations, transmission, pricing constraints, hourly demand by utility area, and interconnects. The electricity data for the Indian market is the first commercially available product worldwide, and allows investors to perform fundamental market analysis to support power development investments and to forecast the value of existing generation assets.

“The completion of Henwood’s Indian Power Market Database is an exciting step forward for Henwood, further showing our commitment to the AustralAsian market and solidifying our expertise across Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, as well as around the world,” said Mark Henwood, CEO and President. “India’s first Power Market Database empowers regional analytics with the single most reliable and comprehensive data available on the market today.”

The Indian database can be used on a reference case basis through consulting projects, and is also available for license through Henwood’s global proprietary software product, EMSS, used in conjunction with Henwood’s PROSYM™ Market Simulation System.

About Henwood: Henwood offers integrated business solutions, strategic consulting, and innovative eBusiness applications to meet the challenges of the restructured energy markets throughout North America, AustralAsia, and Europe, serving clients that include eight of the ten top utilities in North America, in addition to energy services providers and power marketers. For more information about Henwood’s Indian Power Market Database, visit

SOURCE: Henwood Energy Services, Inc.