Dec. 12, 2000—Formfill, a provider of e-business software solutions to the utilities industry, has installed its NETAFlow Controller and Flow GateKeeper solutions at nearly half of the NETA (New Electricity Trading Arrangements) market participants, including Norweb, Seeboard and Edison Mission Energy.

The NETA programme has been in operation for almost 3 years. It is jointly led by Ofgem and the DTI with the aim of bringing more competition into the English and Welsh wholesale electricity market, presently turning over £7 billion.

This prompted Formfill to investigate the development of software that would address the problems associated with managing, validating, sending and receiving the flows of information that are exchanged.

The software is designed to manage the flow of information between the NETA central systems and the market participants’ own internal systems.

Acting as a catalogue containing all the NETA dataflows, NETAFlow Controller manages, validates and routes incoming and outgoing flows. In the event of back-end system failure NETAFlow Controller enables participants to continue to trade by allowing them to create flows manually.

Flow GateKeeper is a Java based hub solution that supervises and controls the transmission and receipt of NETA dataflows at all times.

Speaking of the solution Seeboard NETA implementation Manager, John Parr said: “After investigating a number of options Seeboard chose Formfill because their solution satisfied enduring needs such as routing, display and creation. We were impressed with the support Formfill provided the OFGEM NETA Programme during Spring of this year. The system is already proving to be invaluable.”

Peter Kennedy, Director at Formfill added to this by saying: “Our solutions provide an answer to the problem that NETA participants face when sending and receiving information between their own back-end systems and the NETA central systems. They also provide participants with the ability to continue trading regardless of what happens to the other components within their overall system.”