Dr Wolfgang Konrad, chief executive of Siemens Distributed Generation, has said that one of Europe’s biggest energy transition challenges was the grid.Dr Wolfgang Konrad, chief executive of Siemens Distributed Generation

 “We need a grid to collect the energy from wind and solar power and then distribute it where it’s needed,” he said at the Opening Keynote Ceremony of POWER-GEN Europe in Amsterdam.

He said that between 1990 and 2010, the share of distributed generation was about a third of total demand. “What we are going to see in the next 20 years is this rising to well over 50 per cent – and that’s a trend that will not change.

“We need to understand how to better match demand with availability.”

He stressed that flexibility was the key to a successful energy transition. “There will not be just one answer, there will be many answers.”

And addressing fluctuations in oil prices, he said that “fracking has acted like a valve and we have all seen a reduction in the oil and gas price. And as soon as the price goes back up again, it will open the valve again and more investments will be done and the price will come back down.”