Patent filed for battery tech capable of reducing EV charging times

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Israeli lithium-ion battery and automotive company StoreDot has filed a patent for its battery energy storage technology which it claims can halve the time spent charging electric vehicles.

Reducing EV charging times is expected to help unlock the EV market and result in increased adoption and use. Many potential buyers have revealed that vehicle range, the time it takes to charge an EV, and the lack of charging infrastructure are key barriers to EV ownership, in addition to the high costs associated with EVs.

StoreDot’s patent covers the company’s hardware and software that creates a ‘booster feature’. The solution analyses both the battery demand and the capability of the charging station, in near-real-time, and sends signals instructing the battery to adjust its current rates.

This means the battery can either be directed to charge at a slower or ultra-fast speed without overheating.

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The technology also has the ability to immediately boost existing infrastructure systems, enabling faster charging, and thus optimizing future fast-charge technologies without the need to upgrade to newer equipment in the near future.

StoreDot claims its open-source technology is the first of its kind by an advanced automotive battery company and will be made available for other technology providers. The aim is to accelerate the global shift to smart transportation.

The company is in advanced talks with carmakers for use of its technology and planning to produce its XFC batteries at mass scale by 2024.

StoreDot is backed by BP, Daimler, Samsung Ventures and TDK. In 2019, it achieved a world first by demonstrating the live full charge of a two-wheeled EV in just five minutes, and in 2020, using XFC batteries, fully charged a commercial drone in five minutes in another world first.

The firm’s chief executive Doron Myersdorf said: “This is an important step for the EV global community as it will allow all of us to charge faster with very minimal changes to the current infrastructure and future deployment process.

“That is why we believe it’s critical to offer this world-leading innovation to other organisations on an open-source basis.

“The global uptake and appeal of electric vehicles is crucial if we want to live in a cleaner, zero-emissions world and by sharing this novel approach StoreDot aims to play a pivotal role in helping to achieve this objective.

“We want to work with and support the global community, including automotive manufacturers and infrastructure providers in their missions as well, especially when the industry is facing a number of charging infrastructure deployment challenges, not least the global semiconductor shortage.”

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