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All press releases, whitepapers and industry insights relating to electric vehicles, EV's, EV infrastructure, as well as charging infrastructure, EV chargers and e-mobility. This will include hybrid vehicles and electric cars, as well as technology and innovation related to battery storage, fast chargers, fuel cells and related policy and legislation.

Queensland clean energy project

IEA: Hydrogen and clean energy technologies key to meeting climate targets

The International Energy Agency’s new energy technologies report calls for more attention to decarbonization of the transport, buildings and industry sectors.

Researchers measure the environmental impact of clean energy technology

Universities from the UK and the US have partnered to understand and minimise the impact of clean energy technology and electric vehicles on the environment.

Coregas and Hyundai partner on Australian hydrogen refuelling project

Hydrogen supply lines to Australia’s zero-emission vehicle industry have been strengthened, with a new deal signed by Coregas, Hyundai and Jemena.
Electrify your transport fleet

Hitachi ABB Power Grids unveils EV charging ‘game-changer’

The smart mobility solution enables operators to efficiently scale up their operations and is expected to contribute to a sustainable society for millions living in urban areas.
cdc group

CDC Group unveils radical net-zero emissions plan

UK government-owned finance institution CDC Group has unveiled a plan to achieve net-zero emissions across its operations by 2050.

Webcast recording: Leveraging Totex and Value in Asset Planning

This webinar looks at how your organisation can leverage Totex to gain better whole-of-life cost insights while understanding how to determine the overall value derived from assets and projects.

Germany is leading Europe’s automotive shift to hydrogen

Block-Builders.de has released a new infographic showing countries in Europe with the most active hydrogen filling stations and submitted hydrogen-related patents.
cdc group

Amazon announces $2 billion Climate Pledge Fund

Amazon has launched The Climate Pledge Fund to support its sustainability strategy and to help other companies to become net-zero by 2040.
IEA executuve director Fatih Birol says carbon capture technology is vital to hit climate change targets

IEA plan calls for $3 trillion investment to aid COVID-19 recovery

The International Energy Agency has unveiled a global COVID-19 recovery plan for the global energy sector which outlines a three-year series of actions designed to revitalise economies, boost employment and make energy systems cleaner and more resilient.
What if consumers drove the energy transition?

What if consumers drove the energy transition?

What if consumers drove the energy transition? How much power could - and should - the consumer have? And what would they do with that power?

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