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All press releases, whitepapers and industry insights relating to electric vehicles, EV's, EV infrastructure, as well as charging infrastructure, EV chargers and e-mobility. This will include hybrid vehicles and electric cars, as well as technology and innovation related to battery storage, fast chargers, fuel cells and related policy and legislation.


France to kickstart Europe rollout of ABB vehicle-to-grid solution

As part of a contract with France’s DREEV, ABB will supply its brand-new 11 kW bi-directional charging tech, specially designed for V2G.

China needs $5 trillion to hit carbon-neutral target

China requires over $5 trillion of investments to reach its pathway for carbon-neutrality by 2060, according to Wood Mackenzie.

Carmaker Lotus signs green energy deal with British Gas

British car maker Lotus and energy company British Gas Business have embarked on a new green electricity deal.

Australia announces first Low Emissions Technology Statement

In Australia, the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources has announced the country’s first Low Emissions Technology Statement.
Siemens energy park in Wunsiedel where it will build a new hydrogen production plant alongside an energy storage facility.

Siemens to build hydrogen production plant in Bavaria

Siemens is to build one of the largest hydrogen production plants in Germany which will run on renewables and provide fuel for mobility and industry.
Queensland clean energy project

Five UK councils win funding for pioneering renewable energy project

Energy Systems Catapult and five local authorities in Greater Manchester have won funding for a pioneering clean energy project.
Kopili investment

Western Australia pumps $22m into hydrogen action plan

Western Australia is positioning hydrogen as one of the industries to build its recovery and innovation into the future.
Queensland clean energy project

IEA: Hydrogen and clean energy technologies key to meeting climate targets

The International Energy Agency’s new energy technologies report calls for more attention to decarbonization of the transport, buildings and industry sectors.
croatia sustainability

Researchers measure the environmental impact of clean energy technology

Universities from the UK and the US have partnered to understand and minimise the impact of clean energy technology and electric vehicles on the environment.

Coregas and Hyundai partner on Australian hydrogen refuelling project

Hydrogen supply lines to Australia’s zero-emission vehicle industry have been strengthened, with a new deal signed by Coregas, Hyundai and Jemena.

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