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Irish government summit aimed at decarbonization

The Irish government, under new leader Leo Varadakar, is to meet at a day long summit this week aimed at planning a strategy aimed at the challenge of decarbonizing the country’s economy.

The “strategic planning” session at comes after Varadkar said that nothing less than “fundamental societal transformation” was necessary to decarbonise the economy.Irish flag

The Irish Times reports that ministers will hear a 30-minute presentation from Minister for Climate Change Denis Naughten on the National Mitigation Plan which has already been approved by Government, but which requires “buy in” on implementation from individual departments.

A spokesperson at the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment said the challenge facing policy makers would require “enormous social change” and would need the backing of the “hearts and minds” of Irish people.

At about midday on Wednesday the plan and the full list of 106 proposed “actions” across all of government will be published on the website of the Department of Communications, Climate Change and Environment.

The plan is divided into sections covering decarbonising transport; electricity generation; the built environment and agriculture. It includes 106 recommended “actions” identifying which individual Government department is to be held responsible for progress across each of the four key areas.

Among the actions are a plan to maintain a grant scheme for electric vehicles, finalization of wind energy plans, the replacement of coal-fired power at Moneypoint power station with a low carbon conversion and a review of the future of turf power plants by 2019.

There is also under consideration the inclusion of solar energy enterprises in the new renewable energy support scheme and exploration of the feasibility of utilising suitable reservoirs for CO2 storage, within the next five years. -à‚