Germany is leading Europe’s automotive shift to hydrogen

Image by 3D Animation Production Company, Pixabay has released a new infographic showing countries in Europe with the most active hydrogen filling stations and submitted hydrogen-related patents.

Germany is currently in pole position with 84 active hydrogen filling stations, 121% more than in the rest of Europe combined. Norway comes in second.

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The graphic also shows that Germany has submitted the most patents for the fuel cell sector in Europe, with 17,238 registrations of industrial property rights. Only in Japan and the USA were more patent applications filed.

The report shows evidence of this hydrogen upswing in the share price development of listed companies. For example, ITM Power’s market value has increased by 958% over the last 5 years. Nel ASA securities have similarly climbed 470% since the IPO in 2017. Meanwhile, analyses of Google’s search engine data show that investors seem to recognise the potential, with the relative search volume for the search term pair “hydrogen stocks” increasing by 1,850% over the last 2 years.

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According to studies, this will be a global mass market worth up to 2.3 trillion euros by the year 2050. Above all, this could all mean major change for the automotive industry.

According to the graph, it is possible that by 2050, more than one in three vehicles will be equipped with hydrogen propulsion.

“Hydrogen technology could play a major role in the future,” according to Block Builders analyst Raphael Lulay. “Not least because the use of green hydrogen would make climate change targets achievable. Germany could play a pioneering role in this respect – with the latest policy package from the Federal Government potentially further promoting this development. This cutting edge technology also offers a wide range of opportunities for investors.”

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