European parliament approves cogen directive

  • a Directive on energy infrastructure and security of electricity supply, requiring Member States to have defined targets, set by the national regulators, regarding the security of the transmission and distribution networks; the Directive also seeks to increase investment in high-voltage connections between different countries
  • regulation on access to gas networks, designed to strengthen the gas market by establishing a new regulatory framework for gas transmission
  • a Directive on energy efficiency, aimed at energy savings of 1% in the EU

Friends of the Earth issued a statement saying: ‘These proposals pander to the few big energy corporations that seek to consolidate their domination of the continent. They bear scant regard to the need to address climate change and to reduce emissions’. Green MEP Claude Turmes said that the package would be detrimental to the development of a decentralized electricity market and would jeopardize EU commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.


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