ENTSO-E says EU integration is power gamechanger

The secretary-general of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) has said that “electricity is international by nature ” it does not stop at borders”.

Speaking at the World Energy Forum in Istanbul, Konstantin Staschus was emphasising the need for greater collaboration to meet current and upcoming power challenges.ENSO-E

ࢀ‹ࢀ‹ࢀ‹ࢀ‹”Regional cooperation is in our genes,” he said, adding that “ENSTO-E’s view on regional cooperation is also a dynamic one. We share the EU’s opinion that this is the way forward and are working on systematising and reinforcing this approach.”

ENSTO-E believes that “EU integration is one of the game changers for Europe‘s power system. The energy transition also brings new players on board and moves the customer even more centre stage.”

Also speaking at the World Energy Council was Pierre Bornard, chairman of French transmission system operator RTE, who said: “What will storage, demand side respond look like years from now? No one really knows. TSOs have a real responsibility for a secure, sustainable and affordable security of supply, meaning they need to be ready for any option.”

He added:à‚ Innovation is needed in all parts of our industry. But EU’s ambition for the power system and national regulatory frameworks for R&D are really disconnected. To deliver for customers, an adequate framework to stimulate innovation in grids is what Europe crucially needs.”

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