Engineers form UK expert panel to advise on T&D strategy

Europe‘s largest professional body for engineers has formed a panel of experts to devise a ‘one-system approach’ to the UK’s electricity networks.à‚ 

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has set up the Power Networks Joint Vision group up to ensure networks are ready to meet the “significant challenges of low carbon generation technologies and new requirements such as wind and solar generation and heat pumps in homes.”

Chairman of the group Dr Simon Harrison said: “The changes needed across the nation’s power networks are huge and it is becoming evident that a ‘one system’ approach is vital.”

He said the decarbonisation of energy was “probably the biggest peace-time change to national infrastructure that Britain will have ever seen”.

“The stakes are high in terms of ensuring the future stability of the grid whilst creating a system that can deal with two-way power flows and less-predictable generation and demands.

“In the future, demand peaks will be less-predictable, due to requirements, such as electric car charging, and this will require a transmission and distribution grid that interacts more closely with consumers and can stagger peaks in power flow, whilst still satisfying everyone’s requirements.”

The group comprises experts from transmission & distribution network companies, consultants, academia, the regulator and government with practical experience of both the operation and the planning of today’s electricity system.

The group’s work is being undertaken in association with other industry groups including the Smart Grid Forum and the Electricity Network Strategy Group.

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