Local, distributed energy systems (DES) are the key to protecting the planet by using resources more efficiently, according to a new report: Distributed Energy Systems: Global Energy Crisis to Local Communities published by the UK Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

The report offers three key recommendations to encourage the use of DES that the Government:
• promotes the uptake of DES as part of its future plans for refreshing the UK energy generating capacity
• develops financial tools to counteract the novelty and uncertainties around this technology while experience is gained
• increases funding into energy storage research to enable greater fluctuations in supply and demand to be accommodated.

The IMechE is also hosting a conference: Distributed Energy Systems 2009 in Surrey, UK on Tuesday 17 November, which will highlight the increasing pressure for clean energy generation, and how development of DES can give the UK a unique opportunity to switch to alternative sources of power.