Recording: The role of energy storage in microgrids

Meeting rising electricity demand in a globalised and continuously electrified society while decarbonizing energy generation to protect our climate trigger the demand for new approaches in the energy sector.

Microgrids based on renewable sources can be one approach to secure local energy supply while meetings economic and ecological targets. Storage technologies play a key role in the successful integration these of renewable sources ” in grids and microgrids. Different energy storage technologies are available, in different sizes and for different purposes.

This webinar will give you an overview about these technologies and their characteristics. We will further focus on li-ion battery storage systems and their role within decentralised generation, such as microgrids. Paired with case studies, we discuss technical & customer applications and present benefits and economic benefits. A brief outlook for future technology developments, hurdles & chances will complete the session.

What you will learn:

  • Gain an insight into the value of energy storage in our changing energy landscape and understand major market trends
  • Learn about different types of energy storage and their individual characteristics
  • Understand in detail the capabilities, use cases and benefits of Li-Ion battery technology
  • See how energy storage has been applied in recent use cases


Lucas Brucker, Business Development Manager Power Generation | Rolls-Royce
Thom Versteeg, Business Development Manager | Rolls-Royce

Moderator: Stefanie Cray, Business Development Manager | Rolls-Royce

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