Siemens launches home energy storage battery

With the Junelight Smart Battery, Siemens is offering its first battery storage specially geared to the requirements in private homes for the storage and use of self-generated energy.

The lithium-ion storage combines functions for intelligent and safe energy management and a modern design. Homeowners can use it to maximize the share of their self-generated energy, for emample from photovoltaic systems, for their own consumption, to minimize their energy procurement costs and to make a long-term contribution towards the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The battery coordinates the predictive charging and discharging procedures depending on the weather-related yield forecast of the photovoltaic system and the individual consumption profile of the household.

Using the mobile Junelight Smart App, all energy flows ” from production, through storage, right down to consumption and grid in-feed ” can always be monitored in real time. The storage capacity can be flexibly adapted to individual needs at any time, encompassing up to 19.8 kWh. The battery is now available in Germany and will be launched in Austria in April.

Andreas Matthé, chief executive of the Siemens business unit Low Voltage & Products, said: “More and more homeowners are generating their own solar power ” and, in light of sinking feed-in tariffs and rising electricity prices, they want to use it completely for their own consumption wherever possible. The Junelight Smart Battery creates the technical basis for future-driven, sustainable and economical energy management within the home. This allows homeowners not only to lower their energy costs, they are also making a substantive contribution towards the success of the energy transition.”à‚ 
Energy strorage and the rise of the prosumer will be showcased at European Utility Week later this year, where Siemens will also highlight its latest innovations.à‚ 

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