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Powin Energy in Canada energy storage deal

US energy storage company Powin Energy Corporation is to undertake its largest ever installation with two projects in Canada.

Powin will build, deliver, and install projects with a total capacity of 12.8 MW at two sites in Ontario for Chicago-headquartered Hecate Energy, which has projects ongoing in the US and Jordan.

Powin said its modular Stack140, which is powered by its own bp-OS battery management software, “will be the building block for each storage system”. The Stack140 is a modular, flexible, purpose-built 140kW battery array that is scalable from 125 kW to multiple megawatts using indoor cabinets or 20-40 foot containers for outdoor installations.

Powin president Geoffrey Brown said Ontario is “at the forefront of deploying energy storage for frequency regulation, voltage control, and reactive power support”.

“This will be the largest installation in Powin’s history and will be deployed on an extremely aggressive timeline.”

The projects will be split across two sites in Kitchener and Stratford. The system in Stratford will be housed inside a newly-constructed building specifically designed to support 20 wenty Powin Energy 2 MWh battery arrays. At the Kitchener location, six Powin Energy 2 MWh 40-foot outdoor battery energy storage products will be deployed.

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