Energy Storage

News, project announcements and reports concerning energy storage, including battery storage, types of batteries, lithium-ion technology, as well as energy storage connected to mini-grids, distributed energy resources and energy storage related to vehicle-to-grid systems. This includes renewable energy hybrid storage solutions that serve to manage supply and stabilize the grid.

The intelligent approach to grid design

The key to developing a smarter power grid is to standardize and integrate two systems: the power and energy delivery system and the information system that controls it.

Be sure the fuel cells are coming

The technology holds vast promise, but the hype has far outstripped the reality. i

World News – Companies

Finning International has won a $7m contract to build a power plant to supply electricity to Barrick Gold Corp.'s gold project in Argentina.

Charged for Success

The 'electronic age' demands high quality power, free from surges and harmonics. Supercapacitors can meet these needs, and have advantages over batteries and other power quality devices.

VRB technology comes to the fore

The Holy Grail of cost-effective, bulk energy storage has been pursued in many different ways, but one system is showing particular promise. The Vanadium Energy Storage System (VESS) is about to be installed for the first time in a commercial operating environment in North America, following successful trials in South Africa.

SatCon and PowerLight collaborate in New York solar power system

Power products specialists SatCon Technology Corporation announced Tuesday that it has delivered its StarSine™ Power Conditioning Systems (PCS) to PowerLight Corporation and ZBB Energy Corporation as part of a collaborative effort to generate on-site clean, solar electricity. StarSine PCS is to be used with photovoltaic panels and advanced batteries in an innovative integrated distributed power generation system.

Vanteck granted rights to the Vanadium Redox Battery Technology for the...

Vanteck Technology Corp. said it has entered into an agreement with Pinnacle VRB Limited to develop and market the Vanadium Redox Battery Technology in the Americas.

Cinergy reports 42 percent increase in revenues

Cinergy Corp. today reported 2000 operating earnings of $2.61 per share before one-time charges of $.11 for an agreement with the EPA and a retirement program.

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