Energy Storage

News, project announcements and reports concerning energy storage, including battery storage, types of batteries, lithium-ion technology, as well as energy storage connected to mini-grids, distributed energy resources and energy storage related to vehicle-to-grid systems. This includes renewable energy hybrid storage solutions that serve to manage supply and stabilize the grid.

University data centre uses Microturbine trigeneration technology

Computer data centres are springing up around the world to create enormous power and cooling loads. Here, David Blair describes what has been called the ‘world’s greenest’ installation, at Syracuse University in the US, which incorporates combined uninterruptible power, heating and cooling technology based on microturbines.

Opinion: Energy Storage – Energy storage: Renewable energy’s missing link

 Jonathan Howes of UK.based energy storage solutions provider Isentropic weighs up seasonal versus short-term storage, looking at the annual cycle of power generation from typical renewable sources like wind power.

UK engineers call for more distributed energy

Local, distributed energy systems (DES) are the key to protecting the planet by using resources more efficiently, according to a new report: Distributed Energy Systems: Global Energy Crisis to Local Communities published by the UK Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

Fuel cell and on-site wind for UK environmental centre

UK-based UPS Systems has completed a fuel cell installation for the new Environmental Energy Technology Centre (EETC) being built in Rotherham, south Yorkshire. The building will also include an on-site wind turbine.

PV systems for North Africa telecoms project

Carmanah Technologies has received a follow up order valued at approximately C$2.3 million from Lyon, France-based telecom provider TWIST to supply solar power systems for a telecommunications project in North Africa.

Energy challenges – ever-more vexing and complex issues

The energy security issue is one that promises to be ever-more vexing and complex as geopolitics and technologies evolve.

Biden outlines funding for US smart grid initiatives

America's Vice President Joe Biden has detailed plans by the Department of Energy to develop a smart electrical grid, that is likely to support the development of distributed and on-site power generation.

CHP to benefit from energy storage

A cogeneration plant belonging to RWE Power in Dortmund, Germany could be the potential site of a novel heat storage project which aims to maximize efficiency for combined cycle gas turbine CHP units.

From dispatchability to stability: battery energy storage is essential for decentalized...

Local, decentralized energy storage permits flexibility in power generation and use.

Remote on-site power from fuel cell

Two methanol fuel cells are to be supplied to npower renewables to supply primary power in a portable wind monitoring application for use in remote, off-grid sites.

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