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GE to build 41 MW battery storage system in UK

GE has chosen the UK as the location for its biggest yet grid scale battery energy storage system.

The company has entered into a partnership with British storage and software company Arenko to build the 41 MW project.

The facility in England will run on GE’s battery technology and will be operational later this year.

It will be commercially operated though Arenko’s software to digitally deploy energy and access multiple services and system needs.

The project is intended to relieve pressure on the UK energy system and provide flexibility at times when it is most needed to deliver a more balanced, secure energy system.

GE said the focus “is on building long-term commercial sustainable battery storage systems, which are not reliant on subsidies and incentives”.

Mirko Molinari, global commercial and marketing executive for energy storage at GE Power, said:à‚ Energy storage will help balance supply and demand close to real time, avoiding frequency drifts and supporting the mid-term response to grid imbalances. The flexibility it offers smooths the fluctuating nature of renewable energy, provides quick reserves when needed, stores excess energy generation and much more. Energy storage will enable a more efficient system for a more reliable supply of electricity to consumers.”

He added that changing consumer demands, increasing adoption of renewable energy and security of supply are driving the need for innovative energy networks to deliver a more efficient power system. “As traditional centralised generation comes under increasing pressure, energy storage projects will be crucial to maximise generation capacity, ensure efficient energy utilisation and improve the operational efficiency of the grid.

Arenko chief executive Rupert Newland said the project “is very significant in addressing the UK’s long-term energy security concerns, enabling the transition to a low carbon energy future”.

“As a leading owner and operator of grid scale battery systems in the UK, we are delighted to have established this strategic alliance with GE to deliver large scale battery energy storage projects. This is a demonstration of Arenko’s strategy to partner with top tier corporates to make a major, positive and sustainable impact on the energy sector.”

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