EON unveils German smart grid prosumer project

E.ON subsidiary Avacon has launched a smart grid initiative in Germany as part of a $27m European project.

Avacon said that its Smart Grid Hub is able to control grid-connected systems such as PV installations or battery storage remotely. Smart meters in around 200 homes in Lower Saxony transmit their data to the Smart Grid Hub.

The hub is part of the European Union initiative InterFlex, which through 20 partner companies in five countries, aims to apply smart grid technology on an industrial scale to increase the marketability of renewable energy. With a focus on the consumer and their use of renewables, it launched in 2017 and will run for three years.

Thorsten Gross, InterFlex project manager at Avacon, said: “The transformation of the energy sector must remain affordable. Solutions such as those now being tested in Lueneburg help to increase grid efficiency and thus reduce overall system costs.”

Around 1.7 million decentralized power plants such as wind turbines and photovoltaic plants now feed energy into the German electricity grid, with about 95 per cent of them connected to the distribution grid.

E.ON has a number of speakers taking part in European Utility Week in Vienna in November. Click here for details.

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