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Energy storage systems for ancillary services to pass $3.2bn by 2021

The global market for short-duration energy storage systems (ESS) for ancillary services applications will soar in the coming decade, with revenues in the sector rising from $412m in 2011 to pass $3.2bn by 2021, finds a new report from Pike Research.

Short-duration ESS may be utilised for ancillary services including frequency regulation, spinning reserves, voltage control and load following.

Anissa Dehamna, a research analyst with Pike Research, said: “The energy storage market is beginning to take off in various ancillary services segments, with a number of new projects coming online. In the early years of this market, a few key applications including frequency regulation and spinning reserves will represent the majority of the activity.

“Although there is a great deal of discussion about ‘stacking’ applications, there are really only a handful of applications that benefit from the regulatory structures. Until markets ‘catch up’ and recognise the value of the performance characteristics of ESS, a select few applications will drive the market.”

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