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UK scientists say diamond battery could store energy for decades

Scientists at the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) are working with academics at the University of Bristol to make diamond batteries, which could provide decades or thousands of years’ worth of energy without a recharge.

Europe’s energy storage adoption has dropped says EMMES 4.0

The European Association for Storage of Energy and European energy research company Delta-EE, have launched the fourth edition of the European Market Monitor on Energy Storage

Mining sector using gravity to revolutionize energy storage

Scottish energy storage specialist Gravitricity is in the process of identifying suitable mine shafts for their first Africa-based gravity energy storage project.

Australia announces plans for world-first solar hydro power plant

ARENA has announced $3m in funding to RayGen to conduct a technical and commercial feasibility study for a 4 MW “solar hydro” power plant to be built in north-western Victoria

Weighing the pros and cons of hybrid energy storage

As battery prices continue to fall and the penetration of variable wind and solar generation rises, power plant developers are increasingly combining wind and solar projects with on-site batteries, creating “hybrid” power plants.

NEC awarded 12 MW energy storage project in Netherlands

NEC Energy Solutions (NEC ES) has been awarded a 12 MW energy storage project by GIGA Storage in the Netherlands.

Energy storage merger to drive vanadium flow battery market

UK-based redT energy and US-based Avalon Battery Corporation have announced that they will merge, subject to shareholder approval, to become a global leader in vanadium flow batteries.

Total to build 25 MW energy storage facility at Dunkirk port,...

French energy firm Total will build what it calls France’s largest battery storage project along the nation’s northern coast.

Energy Storage Association delays event due to COVID-19

Travel uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 have led the U.S. Energy Storage Association to postpone its annual conference for four months

Lithium-ion batteries to account for 85% of new energy storage capacity

A new report published by Navigant Research states that lithium-ion batteries will account for 85 per cent of newly installed energy storage capacity.

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