Tesla and Vestas partner up with eye on wind storage solution

Vestas is seeking to make greater inroads in the area of renewable energy storage, and has partnered up with Tesla with that objective.

It’s part of a wider global programme by the company seeking to solve the crucial challenge of combining wind turbines effectively with batteries, enabling power accumulated during breezy conditions to be stored until use when air is still.

There are currently 10 similar such projects ongoing, as the Danish company strives to add energy storage to its wind farms.
Vestas announced its new focus on storage at its latest annual general meeting in April, and the partnership with Tesla. Chairman Bert Nordberg has said Vestas is seeking a new competitive edge amid consolidation in the industry and after it surpassed General Electric Co. last year to take the biggest market share in the US.

“Across a number of projects, Vestas is working with different energy storage technologies with specialised companies, including Tesla, to explore and test how wind turbines and energy storage can work together in sustainable energy solutions that can lower the cost of energy,” Vestas said in a statement on Friday.à‚ 

The broader programme started in 2012 with a project in Lem-Kaer, Denmark, with atest project to combine wind turbines and batteries. Vestas said it plans to commission additional projects worldwide.

Tesla has recently begun to seek new applications for its batteries beyond its electric cars and Powerwall battery units. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk signed a deal with the South Australian government in July to build a giant energy storage facility to help balance the grid.

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