Smart energy device cutting commercial costs

Energy managementà‚ company Smappee has launched its Pro product,à‚ an energy monitoring and control solutionà‚ for small and midsized businesses offering utility independent remote control of office tools using mobile devices.à‚ 

US-based Smappeeà‚ Proà‚ tracks energy consumption down to the commercial appliance level.à‚ It also maps and compares the energy usage at different offices for businesses with multiple locations.

‘We have leveraged our innovative smart homeà‚ technology toà‚ createà‚ Smappeeà‚ Pro,’ said Stefanà‚ Grosjean,à‚ chief executive officerà‚ and co-founder ofà‚ Smappee. Showing real-time information ofà‚ officeà‚ energy flows and costs across multipleà‚ offices, enabling usersà‚ to easily spot energy guzzlers, Smappeeà‚ Pro also has data mining tools.à‚ à‚ à‚ 

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