Concentrate on the basics

by outsourcing operation and maintenance

Largest vertical solar cladding project in Europe

– and the largest solar power system in the UK

Rural electrification in Angola

Atlas Copco has supplied, through its local distributor Blackwood Hodge (Angola) Ltd, seven generating sets for a remote rural electrification scheme in Angola.

40 Microturbine Systems for Coin-Op Laundry Giant

US-based Distributed Generation Partners, LLC, has signed an agreement to design and build 40 or more small-scale CHP systems for installation in coin-operated laundries

Landfill microturbines generate power at Antioch Community High School

After months of planning, equipment installation, and start-up activities, RMT Inc. and the Antioch Community High School have completed a project to use landfill gas to generate electricity and heat for use by ACHS.

From outage to opportunity

How New York is showing the way forward for DG

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