Bicester, England, had the official opening of its heat network this week, with Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom present at the opening of the scheme.

The energy centre contains a generator and acts as an alternative to a boiler in every house. Heating and hot water will be generated and supplied to every home via network of pipes and is able to supply up to 1,200 homes.
NW Bicester
The MP visited the pioneering 6,000-home NW Bicester development for a tour of the energy centre, which sits among the houses and will provide heating and hot water for residents.

Ms Leadsom said: “I think what the eco town is doing is really impressive and is leading the way for how building will be in the future. “It is great for homebuyers to have the choice to live in a green and eco-friendly home if they want to. Our government is trying to do everything we can to improve the energy efficiency of homes and the eco town is a great example of what you can do.”