A luxury hotel in the town of West Orange in the US state of New Jersey has received a new gas-fired micro-cogeneration system from energy solutions firm EnerSave.

The 10 kW system, consisting of two Yanmar units, will provide hot water for the Wilshire Grand Hotel’s laundry and for domestic hot water, essentially eliminating the consumption of gas in the existing hot water boilers, EnerSave said.

The units meet all environmental regulations, are compact in size and are extremely quiet, the company said, adding that they are a good fit for hotels, apartment buildings, health clubs, YMCAs, commercial laundries and large homes with swimming pools that want to reduce their energy costs.   

New Jersey offers incentives, such as a 30% rebate against the installed cost of a microturbine cogeneration system, under its Clean Energy programme.

And, according to EnerSave, most cogeneration systems in the US should be able to recover their installed cost in less than five years given the low price of gas in the country, which is expected to continue.