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Low Carbon announces partnership to develop waste-to-energy facility

UK investment and asset management company, Low Carbon, announced its partnership with Verus Energy Limited and Wheelabrator Technologies to create the Kelvin Energy Recovery Facility in West Bromwich.

The 49.9 MW (gross) waste-to-energy facility will divert 395,000 tons of landfill waste and use it to generate renewable baseload energy.

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The facility will handle non-recyclable waste from the West Midlands and greater Birmingham areas and the company said it will help mitigate a projected capacity shortfall of 2.0m tons of waste a year, allowing local authorities to focus on recycling waste instead of sending it to a landfill.  

Low Carbon’s Investment Director Dominic Noel-Johnson said, “This announcement marks another significant milestone in the story of this project, and we’re delighted to now be working together towards financial close. This facility will harness non-recyclable waste as a sustainable energy resource, creating local jobs and local energy supply for the West Midlands region.”

“Providing an essential service such as the safe and reliable treatment of non-recyclable waste is even more critical during a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic and we are committed to continuing operations throughout the pandemic to support the health and well-being of our communities, employees and partners,” said Wheelabrator Technologies U.K. Managing Director, Julia Watsford.

Low Carbon invests in renewable energy developers and projects including solar PV, wind, energy storage, waste-to-energy and energy efficiency.

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