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Axiom Exergy has revealed a new technology that it says can slash supermarket energy bills by converting refrigeration systems into low-cost energy storage assets.

The so-called Refrigeration Battery™ enables commercial buildings with high refrigeration-based energy loads to store refrigeration for later use and reduce peak electricity demand by up to 40% – shifting electricity demand to cheaper overnight hours by freezing a tank of water with common additives at night. The frozen tanks are subsequently used to provide cooling during afternoon peak hours.
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Refrigeration systems typically use more than 50% of the energy in a supermarket. When the Refrigeration Battery is discharging, refrigeration compressors and condensers can be shut down, reducing the facility’s peak demand. Additionally, the Refrigeration Battery can provide backup refrigeration for 6-12 hours, protecting supermarkets from business interruption risk and significant food spoilage costs due to power outages.

‘Supermarkets and cold-storage facilities must keep perishable food at a constant temperature around the clock, which means they must run power-hungry refrigeration equipment even when electricity prices skyrocket during the peak hours of the afternoon. Until now, this has been a huge, unavoidable cost that erodes their razor-thin profit margins — that’s where we come in,’ said Amrit Robbins, president of North America-based Axiom Exergy.

He added: ‘Our technology offers a significantly lower installed cost than anything else on the market, a system lifespan of 30 years—many times longer than traditional batteries—and the ability to shift multiple hours of cooling base load.’