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Heat recovery from Norwegian smelter

Statkraft AS and Eramet Norway AS have signed a letter of intent to develop an energy recovery system from excess gas at a smelting plant in Sauda, Norway.

The project will see CO gas, which is currently flared to atmosphere, burned in a steam boiler. The steam will in turn run a turbine producing more than 100 GWh annually.

Investments in the project will reach some NOK 250 million (US$42 million), and the project will receive support from Enova to the tune of NOK 35 million ($5.8 million). The installation is expected to be ready for use at the end of 2010.

‘Initiatives for energy efficiency in cooperation with the industry are a new and prioritized target area for which Statkraft has great expectations. This type of cooperation is important and perfectly aligned with our strategy as a producer of environmentally sound energy’, said Statkraft’s executive vice president Siri Hatlen.