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Government industrial strategy welcomed by ADE

The British government has committed to setting out a long-term roadmap in 2017 to minimise business energy costs as part of its Industrial Strategy Green Paper.

The commitment follows the recent publication of the UK’s firstà‚ Energy Productivity Audit,à‚ which showedà‚ the importance of energy productivity for UK businesses.

The analysis, supported by a number of organisations includingà‚ Greenpeace, the Energy Institute, and the Confederation of Paper Industries, revealed that the UK spent à‚£140 billion on energy in 2015, an increase of 26% since 2005 and equivalent to 7.6% of the UK’s Gross Domestic Product.
Dr Tim Rotheray
Between 2010 and 2015à‚ the UK economy produced à‚£193bn more in goods and services using the same amount of energy, supported by energy efficiency investments by the industrial, services and domestic sectors.

Welcoming the announcement ADE Director Dr Tim Rotheray said:à‚ 

“We welcome the Government’s commitment, as part of its Industrial Strategy Green Paper, to set out a long-term plan to sustainably minimise energy costs for businesses, including how to best support greater energy efficiency.à‚ 

“Energy is a vital input to the UK economy and at the heart of all businesses. By doing more with less energy and putting energy productivity at the centre of the Industrial Strategy, we can boost business competitiveness and support economic growth.

“We must not look to just the energy sector to help deliver a low-carbon economy. As concern grows over electricity intermittency and capacity, the Industrial Strategy’s focus on energy efficiency and fair market access could allow energy users, through flexible local generation and on-site energy management, to share in the benefits of a boosted economy, all while supporting the UK’s transition to a lower-cost, lower-carbon energy system.”